Tamarack Recovery Centre

Building a supportive community to help those recovering from addictions

West Broadway, a densely populated neighbourhood in downtown Winnipeg known for its vibrant community gardens and bustling small businesses, is home to the world-class Tamarack Recovery Centre. The connection to community is vital.

“Tamarack is different,” says Lisa Cowan, Executive Director of Tamarack. “This is your home now, and we are going to treat you like a valuable member of this community, and we’re going to help you feel cared for and supported, even if you can’t yet feel that for yourself.”

The holistic addictions treatment Cowan and her team provide is only growing more important as the number of people living with addiction steadily increases and the drug supply worsens. While the pandemic may have exacerbated these issues, they are longstanding, and Tamarack has been honing their systems and approaches for 47 years.

“People with addictions are often making choices that they don’t like, but feel compelled to make,” says Cowan. “If you’re looking at the broader aspects of health, like meaningful connections and feeling like you’re contributing to the world you’re living in, all of that goes by the wayside when you’re trying to meet a need or cover up a trauma.”

Lisa Cowan, Executive Director of Tamarack Recovery Centre stands on the steps of the centre
Lisa Cowan

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate by age, race, religion, or socioeconomic status; everyone knows someone experiencing the pains of addiction. Winnipeg is in the midst of an addiction crisis, and it’s impacting every facet of our community. Everyone has a role to play in acknowledging the current crisis and working towards solutions.

To live a fulfilled and healthy life, one needs a sense of purpose. Tamarack understands the holistic approach required to meet people where they are at, with a focus on physical, emotional, mental, financial, and social health. They are building a recovery community that helps their patients create and sustain a life full of purpose and self-worth.

“’Healthy populations’ means people living a life that’s worth living, a life with purpose that they can feel connected to, that is driven by what fits with their values and fits with their integrity,” says Cowan.

To learn more about Tamarack Recovery Centre, visit tamarackrehab.org