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The purpose of Winnipeg’s Vital Signs is to inform, stimulate conversations, and encourage action, both in the community and at The Winnipeg Foundation. This is the first full Vital Signs that The Foundation has published and it’s just the beginning of our work.

We hope that Vital Signs inspires you.

10 things you can do inspired by Vital Signs

  1. Say hello to your neighbor and ask them their name
  2. Attend an art exhibit featuring Indigenous artists
  3. Donate a non-perishable food item at the grocery store bin or at your local food bank
  4. Look up volunteer opportunities at volunteermanitoba.ca
  5. Visit a friend or family member that needs daily care
  6. Use public or active transportation to get to work instead of your car
  7. Compost, reuse or recycle waste instead of throwing it in the garbage
  8. Look up 150 Acts of Reconciliation to learn how you can participate in reconciliation
  9. Donate to a charity you have not donated to before
  10. Share your ideas for a Vital Conversation with The Winnipeg Foundation! Vital conversations convene groups to tackle issues collectively. Email us at vitalsigns@wpgfdn.org with your idea.


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