Sense of Belonging
A sense of belonging reflects an individual’s social and environmental connections.

A strong sense of belonging in a community is linked to high levels of social participation and engagement, stronger feelings of safety, and better health overall.

A sense of belonging is a human need, much like the need for food and shelter. To support wellbeing, it is vital that people believe they fit in and, that there are places they can go to and connect with others. If we feel that there are no options for connecting, we seek connection in unhealthy ways.

How are we doing?

Source: Statistics Canada and representative survey of Winnipeggers (N=1,200)

Winnipeggers, overall, experienced a slightly higher sense of belonging than the national average (72% v. 69%) in 2018. But then it plummeted (61%) in 2022. Additionally:
  • Indigenous people surveyed have a higher sense of belonging in 2022 than the average (69%).
  • Black and People of Colour surveyed have a lower sense of belonging post-pandemic than the average (57%).
It is important to share that segments of our population have different experiences.